A platform developed by Pyxis and Fibras based on blockchain, through which organizations and communities can define, validate and monitor principles and commitments to which their members adhere in a decentralized and continuous manner.

Blockchain to define, validate and monitor principles and commitments.

Blockchain technology ensures immutability, transparency, traceability and security through decentralized validation and confirmation of each transaction, visible registration for all members of the network, tracking of the history of each transaction and cryptography, which makes it difficult to manipulate the stored data.

Four Pillars


It must be possible to unequivocally identify the persons, organizations and companies that are registered.


All the actions of the members of a Sincronía instance must be recorded and publicly accessible to the members of that community. Particularly, the commitments to which it adheres, its current status and its history.


It must be possible to know the history of any member that has interacted with the platform since its registration.


The solution should not depend on a single organization either from a functional (decentralized governance) or infrastructure point of view.

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Aligned with the United Nations SDG, Sincronía’s platform aims to become a valuable tool for communities and organizations that pursue ethical principles and values, transparency and sustainability in business.

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Through Sincronía, we take advantage of its potential for the management of organizations and foundations that promote the monitoring of principles and commitments.

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