Secure Development

We provide solutions focused on enhancing security processes, with a direct impact on operations that allow our clients to face new challenges.

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We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team, focused on cybersecurity, searching for vulnerabilities, detecting cyberattacks, understanding deep threats and automating security controls.

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Secure Development

Needs assessment in conjunction with business and technical representatives, focusing on business needs. Our technology helps you evaluate security and take preventive actions and measures in each phase of the development cycle.


Our Pentest service proposal seeks to identify vulnerabilities through comprehensive tests that involve automation techniques at the pace of DevSecOps, manual intrusion techniques and shoulder-to-shoulder support with the team in charge of mitigating risks.

Managed Security

Today’s threats have advanced and use layers of infrastructure, products and services capable of evading traditional security controls. Our Managed Security services provide a dynamic approach to cyber threats based on in-depth knowledge of these types of threats.

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Which pentest model is best for you?

One Shot

We detect and report all vulnerabilities and security problems of the target we are evaluating. The rigorous inspection and use of multiple intrusion techniques carried out by our team allows us to detect and verify vulnerabilities, insecure configurations and existing bad practices, thus eliminating false positives.

The life cycle of the Pentest – One Shot service depends on the size of the attack surface. Once all the requirements to start the project have been met, it will have a defined start and end date.

Continuous Drip

We participate throughout the software development cycle to continually detect vulnerabilities and security issues as the software evolves. We have the ability to analyze an application from its version control repository in an automated way with a DevSecOps approach.

The life cycle of the Pentest – Continuous Drip service is a minimum of one year from the moment of subscription. The selected system(s) will be reviewed and attacked during all versions generated in the development phase.

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We provide solutions focused on enhancing security processes, with a direct impact on operations that allow our customers to face new challenges.

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