SAP Customer Data Platform

Omnichannel experience personalization, data transparency and governance (GDPR), as well as consumer privacy are trends driving the need to build trustworthy customer relationships. Discover which solution can help you.

Customer Experience is the battleground where relationships are won or lost.

SAP Customer Data Platform is a solution that makes it easy to identify customers, centralize contact information, and manage their preferences, enabling companies to use data-driven insights to have a better understanding of their customers, interact with them with confidence, and keep the brand’s promises.

From individual consumers to multiple business accounts, customers demand relevant, personalized engagements.

With SAP Customer Data Platform, you can surface insights in real time across the enterprise to deliver winning engagements, boost revenue, and drive growth.


Visualize customer profiles, their connected relationships, and their associated accounts.

Native Connection

Benefit from a native connection with ERP for supply chain optimization and product innovation.


Uncover real-time customer insights with AI learning models supercharged for industry.

Data Privacy

Show respect for customer data privacy by maintaining the purpose of customer data during every engagement

Real Time

Access real-time customer insights that enhance audience segmentation, uncover trends, and fuel personalized experiences.

SAP Customer Data Platform
Three Core Pillars of: SAP Customer Data Platform

Deepen customer understanding

Enhance customer understanding by unifying fragmented customer data from relevant sources and bridging functional silos through a centralized data model.

Trust your customer data

Gain confidence in the accuracy, credibility, and value of your customer data with a CDP built on a proven enterprise identity and data privacy foundation.

Crush growth targets

Maximize growth by fueling real-time customer engagements with targeted insights curated for specific use cases.

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