Data Engineering

The transformation that your company needs begins with managing your data. Modern technologies are the 4th revolution. Big Data offers a tremendous amount of new possibilities to create better businesses, organizations, charities, and so on.

Data as the pillar of your organization

Taking advantage of Big Data requires processes, organization, tools and most importantly: people able to manage it. And depending on what you want to do, Data Engineers and Data Scientists will be crucial for certain tasks of the process.

How we approach a data engineering project

Discovery Phase

Needs assessment in conjunction with business and technical representatives, focusing on business needs.

Planning Phase

Prioritization of the needs based on: the value they bring to the business and the complexity and technical risks.

Execution Phase

Implementation of the requirements included in the backlog using agile methodologies.

Clients that trust us

Our success stories

Retail Demand Forecasting

Predict weekly demand for more than 50 products, for more than 10,000 retail outlets (supermarkets, restaurants, etc.).

  • Integration of historical data, and its cleansing
  • Clustering of customers and products
  • Predictive model for each cluster
Team Profiles:
  • Business Translator
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
Imagen destacadas POWERSTREET
Telco signaling roaming messages processing

We partnered with Kinetix, a company that provides tailored solutions in the telecommunications sector, to create a product capable of processing roaming telecommunications signaling messages.


As a result, we have created one of the most complete roaming management platforms on the market.

Team Profiles:
  • Data Engineer
Imagen destacadas KINETIX

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