Cloud Security

We understand IT as a Service, it is our technological collaborative work proposal where, though high-performance teams and hyperconvergent integration, we manage to provide unique IT experiences.

Infrastructure for your business

We build collaborative experiences assembling multiplatform teams, focused on accelerating the challenges of Cloud Services and Infrastructure, providing end-to-end solutions delivered in DevOps IT culture making holistic projects with an Agile approach.

What we do?

We offer IT Services, Operations & Management solutions in Cloud or hybrid environments over Azure, AWS & OnPremise architectures.

Cloud Ops

We manage all Operations needs in Azure or AWS.


We deliver solutions in DevOps IT Culture, making holistic solutions.

Cloud Architect

We Design, Plan and Execute your Cloud needs.


We offer OnPremise Solutions in VMware & HyperV integrating the best of both environments.

Cloud Security

We audit, design, and join your IT and Compliance teams to optimize the security of your cloud.

Clients that trust us

Our success stories

Cloud architecture oriented to a fintech in a B2B business model

Architecture proposal + Company Director Plan planned for the development of architecture in 1 year.


Master Plan of 1 year carried out in 4 months. Additional deployment of AWS technologies, environments for CI/CS and extended support for production releases.

Team Profiles:
  • Architects
  • DevOps
  • SysAdmin
Integral support of core banking and credit card transactions

Create a robust financial solution capable to provide 24×7 full services to the major card processor in Uruguay.


Banking API integrations: Infrastructure / cloud management / infrastructure security and custom fintech apps. Contactless payment software (backend and front end administration). Payment solutions: API integrations with both open and closed APIs. DevOps services 24/7. Real time analytics and statistics.

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Explore more about our services. Cloud Operations and Managements. End 2 End infrastructure experts and DevOps evangelists.

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