What do you do with your electronic waste?

In the last week of October, the Pyxis environmental commission, in coordination with the Uruguayan and Colombian teams, joined the LATAM Zero Waste Week. In both [...]

Zero Waste Week: receiving electronic waste

During the week of 24-29 October we received electronic and technological waste at our offices in Uruguay and Colombia. The LATAM Zero Waste Week is an [...]

Your home composter

On May 7, we gathered the team for a new Lunch&Learn, this time with a theme acclaimed by many: how to set up a compost [...]

Basura Cero cumple 3 años

[:es]En el marco del proceso de Responsabilidad Social Pyxiana, en 2016 decidimos emprender esta causa. ¿El objetivo? Clasificar el 100% y reciclar más del 80% [...]

Liceo Juan XXIII se suma a Basura Cero

Hace un año el Liceo Juan XXIII nos contactó para recibir más información acerca de Basura Cero, proyecto que impulsamos en 2016 y que surge [...]