How IDATHA is helping businesses achieve success…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, enabling them to boost efficiency, save time, and reduce manual labor costs. At IDATHA, the AI [...]

2022 in review: grounded in our philosophy of people first, profit second

New year, new resolutions, and new perspectives. As 2022 comes to a close, we at Pyxis want to take this opportunity to reflect on all [...]

Safe space: building a Pyxis open to all people

For almost two years now, a committee has been working on diversity and gender issues within Pyxis. Its objective: to make issues visible, raise awareness [...]

What do you do with your electronic waste?

In the last week of October, the Pyxis environmental commission, in coordination with the Uruguayan and Colombian teams, joined the LATAM Zero Waste Week. In both [...]

Thesis of a decision-making model

The Research programme seeks synergy between Pyxis and Academia with the aim of co-constructing knowledge. On this occasion, we talked to Juan Domínguez and Mariano [...]

IDATHA and the Sciences Faculty invite you to participate in the seminar Causal inference in statistics.

A series of weekly meetings on causality, led by mathematician and teacher Mag. Gabriel Illanes of IDATHA will be held until November 24.   Every Thursday morning, [...]

Sebastián García Parra, new IEEE Senior Member

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) awarded a worldwide recognition that elevated Sebastián García Parra, CEO of IDATHA, to the highest professional grade [...]

18 editions of the Pyxis Open Space: Coming of Age Lessons Learned

The dynamics of the Open Space that we have, are known to the Pyxis team, which has been gathering for several years to meet and [...]

Our value proposal

We are committed to our clients´ wellbeing. As surprising as it may sound, that is exactly what drives us every day. There are thousands of [...]