How IDATHA is helping businesses achieve success…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, enabling them to boost efficiency, save time, and reduce manual labor costs. At IDATHA, the AI [...]

New milestone: IDATHA joins Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce

With 8 years of AI experience, IDATHA takes pleasure in developing original, creative, and high-quality solutions that assist their clients to reach their business objectives. It [...]

IDATHA and the Sciences Faculty invite you to participate in the seminar Causal inference in statistics.

A series of weekly meetings on causality, led by mathematician and teacher Mag. Gabriel Illanes of IDATHA will be held until November 24.   Every Thursday morning, [...]

Sebastián García Parra, new IEEE Senior Member

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) awarded a worldwide recognition that elevated Sebastián García Parra, CEO of IDATHA, to the highest professional grade [...]

Idatha and the challenge of digitizing the past

[:es]Idatha seeks to transcribe with Artificial Intelligence manuscripts of José Enrique Rodó found in the National Library. The project has been underway for about a month, [...]

AltBotUY provides greater accessibility in social networks

AltBotUY is a Twitter bot that helps promote the use of alt_text to describe images circulating on Twitter. The goal? For all people to be [...]

IDATHA launched Alquim(IA), a newsletter focused on Artificial Intelligence

Like the early alchemists, who dared to wonder about the principles of matter, and the mysteries of the universe, we will question the principles of [...]

ANIMIN, the virtual assistant developed by PYXIS for ÁNIMA

Meet Animín, a chatbot developed by our team to guide students through the registration process for the ÁNIMA Technological High School. As a company with number [...]

Covid-19 and the XXI century Luddites, by Sebastián García

IDATHA co-founder Sebastián García, shares a new entry on his blog with an analogy of the Luddite Movement in the middle of the Industrial Revolution, [...]