Alliance with Edhuca, synergy between technology and well-being.

Pyxis for Humans is part of the deep humanistic spirit of Pyxis. It leverages expertise and knowledge in technology and develops synergies with psychology, neuroscience, [...]

Third Dance Meditation meeting

On January 5th, as a new year begins, Edhuca, Pyxis and Fibras invite you to co-create this space of celebration and intention in front of [...]

We invite you to participate in the Dance Meditation experience.

Pyxis y EDHUCA te invitan a participar de una dance meditation el viernes 29 de enero de 19 a 20 hs. El evento se transmitirá [...]

Online Seminar on Neurolinguistic Programming with Robert Dilts

On September 26th and 27th, an online seminar on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) will be held with Robert Dilts, the world's leading authority on the subject. [...]