Research | Nos motiva la investigación y capacitación constante de nuestro equipo para superar los límites del conocimiento. Enterate qué acciones llevamos adelante para cumplir con este objetivo


Continuous research and training of our team to expand the frontiers of our knowledge is our motivation. Find out how we achieve it.

Our mision

Pyxis Research is our foundation for knowledge generation within the ecosystem. In addition, we are committed to build strong and long-term relationships with Educational Institutions.

We act as facilitators to promote research, acquire new knowledge and ensure continuous professional training. We are interested in creating synergy between Educational Institutions and various industries. How we do it? Trough 3 main lines of work focused on Educational Institutions, People and Knowledge.

Our center

Educational Institutions. We form research groups based on the interests we find. We have a support program for implementing postgraduate studies and proposing topics of interest for research and development in final degree thesis.

People. We encourage professional development between coworkers by promoting research and continuous learning.

Knowledge. We sponsor events and activities in tech communities as well as forums, supported by institutions, companies and associations, to develop a space for knowledge sharing.

We co-organize the Open Tech annual event in collaboration with Sacapuntas and the Pyxis IT team. We have a technology supervising team focused on innovation and a Virtual Library space to share tools and media with our entire team.

Learn about some of the first Pyxis Research projects.

Thesis of a decision-making model

The Research programme seeks synergy between Pyxis and Academia with the aim of co-constructing knowledge. On this occasion, we talked to Juan Domínguez and Mariano Goicoechea about their thesis in Microservices Architecture and the implementation [...]

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Pyxis Research. 2020 milestones

Pyxis Research is a space that seeks to promote research throughout the Pyxis ecosystem to overcome the limits of knowledge, in order to generate capabilities and high value-added products. We understand that the way to achieve this is through the [...]

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Technological Surveillance process

At the end of e 2019, Pyxis Research presented Technological Surveillance (TS): a process to acquire new knowledge. We were interested in being able to monitor the state of the art in the development areas of our ecosystem. We established [...]

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