Value proposition | Our main goal is to be agents of sustainable change, focusing on growth, synergy, and learning.

Value proposition

Our main goal is to be agents of sustainable change, focusing on growth, synergy, and learning.

Our solutions

Our work goes beyond traditional project lifecycle – starting from design and development, we then work with our clients to offer full DevOps, Managed Services and Data Analysis, ensuring reliability, scalability and ability to make informed decisions.

Tech Investment & Innovation

We offer consultancy and workshops tailored to the intersection of business and technology. Our Tech Investment & Innovation service focuses on developing innovative solutions that create social and environmental impact, enhance business efficiency, and improve profitability.

Cloud & DevOps Services

Our Cloud & DevOps services streamline the entire software development lifecycle. With over 50 certifications in AWS, Microsoft, Azure, Vmware, and Kubernetes, our team of +10 Senior Cloud Architects and +20 Semi-Senior Cloud Administrators specializes in automated cloud migrations and advanced DevOps techniques. We manage workloads across platforms like AWS and Azure, aiming to enhance service availability and quality while accelerating time-to-production.

Data Engineering & Artificial Intelligence

We provide data-driven solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies like TensorFlow and PyTorch. Our services are cloud-agnostic, deployable on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. From predictive analytics and natural language processing to generative AI and tailored computer vision solutions, we transform data into actionable insights using the most modern technologies.

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E-Commerce & Media Cloud Solutions

With over 10 years of experience in implementing SAP Commerce, we are industry leaders in e-commerce solutions. Our offerings are enriched by features like composable commerce, headless commerce, and the SAP Composable Storefront, all aimed at providing a highly customizable and flexible online retail experience. For the media and publishing sectors, we exclusively use ARC XP to deliver tailored digital solutions due to its superior capabilities.

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Web, Mobile, Blockchain & Backend Engineering

We specialize in creating modern web applications, native and hybrid mobile apps, complemented by our unparalleled expertise in Java for backend solutions. Our backend frameworks are based on the reliable Apache Foundation, designed with a microservices architecture and an API-first approach. In the blockchain arena, we offer tailored solutions in both private and public blockchain technologies. From planning to execution, our aim is to deliver robust, scalable, and secure applications across the board.


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Our combination of specific knowledge and experience in mobile technologies, coupled with understanding of infrastructure and software,  form a value proposition  that respond to digital transformation challenges in Telco industries.


We work with retail companies from different areas and industries. But they all have to addreas the same challange – how to provide experiences that clients enjoy? How to use and analyze transactional data? Using powerful marketing tools,  we help our clients analyze data and offer those experiences.


We work wtih governments to update their public services processes and services to citizens. We use our knowledge in cloud technologies to make those services cheaper, faster and easier available for the citizens.


We support digital transformation of financial services companies operating in the banking and insurance areas. Those companies face multiple challenges nowadays to transform their legacy systems to new modern tools, fast operating modes.