We are more than jujst service providers, we are true business partners.

We invite you to know the companies with which we work and we consider true business partners.

Corporate solutions, C/4 Hana

We have more than 7 year experience implementing SAP commerce (hybris) solutions. In 2015 we became SAP professional services partner. With number of complex B2B and B2C implementations under our belt, we understand the technology and know how to take maximum use of it.

Software development, manufacture, discharge and solutions support

We have been partners with Microsoft since 2012, focusing on the Azure: Azure Cloud migrations, Azure open source and SAP hybris systems. In 2015 we created Mas Soluciones (Pyxis, AT, UruIT and Nublit), which allows us to offer all of Microsoft’s corporate solutions: services, contracts, licenses.

Services platform of the Amazon cloud

We have been AWS partner since 2005. Our special focus is on hybrid cloud administration, CI/CD Pipeline creation and maintenance on the platform. We base on VMWare knowledge, developing capabilities on the AWS and VMWare integration systems.

Virtualization Software

Business and IT aproach defined by software. VMWare is pioneer in virtualization and mobility, business and cloud. It allows us to execute, manage, connect and protect apps in different clouds and devices in a common operative environment, allowing liberty and control.