Build bridges, provide our service and promote growth together with our culture’s fundamental agents is other of our vision’s fundamental aspects.


HG S.A., is a company of the ANTEL group, with presence in the market since 2001.

One of our first customers we consider a strategic partner. HG promotes the implementation of added value in telecommunications, in innovative projects that challenge and promote its technical excellence.

Anima is a technological baccalaureate for young students in social vulnerable conditions in Montevideo and Canelones.

From Pyxis we are linked to ANIMA in different modalities: we organize workshops of agile methodologies, such as Scrum, for first year of baccalaureate students. We donate some student’s cost of the annual scholarship and we welcome graduates to do their formative practice with us, among other activities.

Smart Talent is Global Services platform assisting with with the employement in the public sector.

We join these Smart Talent proposals since the formation, convinced of the need to open doors in this area. We participate annually of the Smart Talent Day and the initiative called “A coffee with…” as well as other workshops.

Uruguay XXI is the government’s agency in charge of internationalizing economy through the promotion of productive inversion.

To ensure growth, it is necessary to strengthen country’s positioning as a professional services provider. Uruguay XXI is making this possible through Smart Global Service and Pyxis contributes to number of projects towards that initaitive. The site Uruguay Smart Services is a Uruguay XXI development that is supported by Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID).

The National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII, in spanish) promotes the creation and implementation of new knowledge.

We understand that ANII is a key actor for knowledge generation and its constant improval. They have supported us, from the very beginning, in different projects. At the same time, we received their support for our Research process and the Fondo Orestes Fandra impulsed the opening of our New York headquarters.

Cuti is the organization that represents the uruguayan information and communications technologies industry (TICs).

Since our beginnings, we value and support Cuti’s work (Uruguayan camera of information technologies). In fact, we integrate different commissions, from human talent and Communication to directive commission. We also take part actively in its activities.