Formalising a Gateway-based Blockchain Interoperability Solution with Event-B

In recent years, multiple solutions have been proposed for blockchain interoperability. However, designing these solutions is complex, and design failures have caused great economic damage [...]

Blockchain interoperability patterns

This article belongs to a series of articles that describe blockchain interoperability patterns for the development of custom blockchain interoperability solutions. Design patterns are best practices [...]

Software 2021

[:es]En momentos de cambio de mando, Pyxis se reafirma en el objetivo de integrar el modelo disruptivo inicial de crecimiento en base a la sinergia [...]

Technology company developed successful program to train the over 50s

The "+50 Program" of Pyxis has been providing tools to people of this age who are seeking to reinsert themselves in the labor market for [...]

The challenge of sustainable growth

Reflections on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Interview with Diego Sastre, one of the founders of the Uruguayan company Pyxis. [...]

The TOP Person

[:es]PYXIS; ecosistema tecnológico que pone a América Latina y a sus clientes globales un paso por delante.[:en]Pyxis Tech Ecosystem that Puts Latin America and Their [...]

Future powered by Uruguay. Episode 3: Pyxis, Idatha & Uruit

A new technology hub for innovation Machine Learning and AI. Watch this incredible success story that covers different continents, clients, cultures and is made possible [...]

We invite you to participate in the Dance Meditation experience.

Pyxis y EDHUCA te invitan a participar de una dance meditation el viernes 29 de enero de 19 a 20 hs. El evento se transmitirá [...]