How to boost sustainability in e-commerce?

In today's rapidly evolving world, sustainability has become a critical aspect of business operations across industries. E-commerce, being a major player in global trade, is [...]

Sustainability in E-Commerce

In recent years, sustainability has become a buzzing topic in the realm of e-commerce, capturing the attention of businesses and consumers alike. But what exactly [...]

We collaborated in the reopening of the Marine Fauna Museum in Punta Colorada

Members of the Environment and Pyxiana Social Responsibility Commissions (RSP) visited the SOS Marine Fauna Rescue refuge, located in Punta Colorada. The objective: to get [...]

ATP Americas: Cloud VMware solutions

ATP Americas is an alliance between Pyxis Infra and AT, with the objective of creating a technological pole capable of executing high-level infrastructure projects in [...]

Third Dance Meditation meeting

On January 5th, as a new year begins, Edhuca, Pyxis and Fibras invite you to co-create this space of celebration and intention in front of [...]

All things Emarsys can accomplish for your business means everything Pyxis can assist you in achieving.

Marketers are going through a challenging time. The stakes are high. Marketing professionals are being required to reach out to any client, at any time, [...]

Safe space: building a Pyxis open to all people

For almost two years now, a committee has been working on diversity and gender issues within Pyxis. Its objective: to make issues visible, raise awareness [...]

What do you do with your electronic waste?

In the last week of October, the Pyxis environmental commission, in coordination with the Uruguayan and Colombian teams, joined the LATAM Zero Waste Week. In both [...]

New milestone: IDATHA joins Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce

With 8 years of AI experience, IDATHA takes pleasure in developing original, creative, and high-quality solutions that assist their clients to reach their business objectives. It [...]