Alliance with Edhuca, synergy between technology and well-being.

Pyxis for Humans is part of the deep humanistic spirit of Pyxis. It leverages expertise and knowledge in technology and develops synergies with psychology, neuroscience, [...]

Pyxis directors travelled to Switzerland and affirmed their presence in Europe.

Gerardo Valeri, CEO of Pyxis, accompanied Diego Sastre and Alejandro Mateo to Switzerland with several objectives, among which were to seek alliances and validate certain [...]

Safe space: building a Pyxis open to all people

For almost two years now, a committee has been working on diversity and gender issues within Pyxis. Its objective: to make issues visible, raise awareness [...]

Zero Waste Week: receiving electronic waste

During the week of 24-29 October we received electronic and technological waste at our offices in Uruguay and Colombia. The LATAM Zero Waste Week is an [...]

IDATHA and the Sciences Faculty invite you to participate in the seminar Causal inference in statistics.

A series of weekly meetings on causality, led by mathematician and teacher Mag. Gabriel Illanes of IDATHA will be held until November 24.   Every Thursday morning, [...]

18 editions of the Pyxis Open Space: Coming of Age Lessons Learned

The dynamics of the Open Space that we have, are known to the Pyxis team, which has been gathering for several years to meet and [...]

We participated in the podcast «Innovando Juntos».

The AT company debuted in the podcast universe with a chapter dedicated to a booming topic: secure connectivity to the cloud. Pyxis joined this first [...]

UN Migration invited us to participate in the dialogue table on talent attraction in Uruguay.

The webinar held on November 24 was organized by UN Migration, in collaboration with the United Nations, the International Labour Organization, the United Nations Industrial [...]

Guayoyoyo: from Pyxis ecosystem to International CyberEx

Last Wednesday, June 30, the International CyberEx 2021 took place, a competition in which several Uruguayan teams managed to place in the Top 10, including [...]